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A cheese board with a beautiful paper placemat underneath.
A woman standing outside wrapped in a sunflower blanket.
Two beautifully crafted artisan blanket ladders.

Clever ways to use
a tea towel


Here are some unique ways to use a tea towel. We filmed this using all Brook Isle towels. Also featuring: Navarro Wine, Sonoma Flavored Olive Oil, Winning the Talent Shift by Berta Aldrich, and Water is Wider by Marie Green-McKeon.

There is a solace and comfort in designs that honor the past
while looking to the future. Brook Isle offers you heirloom-quality treasures
that will add the perfect touch of vintage flair to any room.
We’ve gone to great lengths to work with materials that are sublimely soft
but also let the artwork shine.




A table with a vintage table runner and classic china and cutlery.
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